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Mindblowing Mandu: Riding to magnificence into the heart of India

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Hello people,

Here comes another trip of mine. This time rode with friends to a place called Mandu in the State of Madhya Pradesh in India. More information about the place can we read on WikiPedia:,_Madhya_Pradesh.

So here goes our trip:

A few bad patches of road along the way:

Tents by term..but cozy and extremely spacious inside. At MPTDC's Malwa Resort, Mandu

The magnificient Jahaz Mahal!

The Kapur Tank...all for entertainment, rather a pleasurely boat ride for the lovely ladies of the bygone Mandu Era.

The Munja tank in the backdrop of the Jal Mahal

All shattered by time

The Hindola Mahal (Swinging Palace)

And this is where all the swinging used to happen. The swings were tied on to those arches and the pretty ladies would go "WHEEEEEEEEEE!"

Not to be missed...Daal Baafla, with Laddu arriving later. One of the most awesome-st dinner I ever had.

Towards Roopmati's pavilion

The approach road, which we skipped

Resting place for the troops

A few narrow passages inside the pavilion

Water cistern with filtration facilities

The Mandu Lake

Monkeys at peace

Dai Ki Chhoti Bahan Ka Mahal...long name that!

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Epic rider is epic again.:D
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