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Mindblowing Mandu: Riding to magnificence into the heart of India

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Hello people,

Here comes another trip of mine. This time rode with friends to a place called Mandu in the State of Madhya Pradesh in India. More information about the place can we read on WikiPedia:,_Madhya_Pradesh.

So here goes our trip:

A few bad patches of road along the way:

Tents by term..but cozy and extremely spacious inside. At MPTDC's Malwa Resort, Mandu

The magnificient Jahaz Mahal!

The Kapur Tank...all for entertainment, rather a pleasurely boat ride for the lovely ladies of the bygone Mandu Era.

The Munja tank in the backdrop of the Jal Mahal

All shattered by time

The Hindola Mahal (Swinging Palace)

And this is where all the swinging used to happen. The swings were tied on to those arches and the pretty ladies would go "WHEEEEEEEEEE!"

Not to be missed...Daal Baafla, with Laddu arriving later. One of the most awesome-st dinner I ever had.

Towards Roopmati's pavilion

The approach road, which we skipped

Resting place for the troops

A few narrow passages inside the pavilion

Water cistern with filtration facilities

The Mandu Lake

Monkeys at peace

Dai Ki Chhoti Bahan Ka Mahal...long name that!

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no one have toured on the CBR as much as you have done for sure... i am sure now odo is post 80K. super amazing trip there...

@pulsurge is that a pirelli 140/70 ???
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@TheIronHorse: Thanks a lot bro. Yeah the present odometer reads 83,775 kms! The rear tyre is the Michelin Pilot Sporty 140/70-17. Doesn't look as imposing as the Contigos. It's good in dry and corner well, but a wet patch will send jitters down your spine. Absolutely horrendous grip in wet conditions. Wouldn't recommend it to anyone- plus myself won't go for it again. Pirellis would be my next change.
wow... i was just about to get the pilot sporty this weekend... ******************** you just saved me at the right moment.
already tried conti's then IRC and then dunlop.. guess.. either i should go with pierelli else michelin street radial..

either ways each is like 5500 ..

waiting for you to hit a 100k a long term review would be very helpful if you can spare some time...

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Thank God! It would have been a regretting decision to get the Pilot Sportys. Do check the local price of the Pirellis- and cross check here:

Buy 110/70 R17 + 140/70 R17 Pirelli Sport Demon Combo • REVZ

The Michelin Pilot Streets are good too.
my front IRC is also done 15k and holding very well however the rear dunlop is also done 15k which also included ladakh trip. though there is a lot of thread left but i am unable to overcome the cupping issue. while going through strips on road or uneven surface its becomes very unstable also the ride wobbes post 80. so rear change is a must ...

as for pirelli it only comes in sets as is the authorized dealer now for michelin pilot street radial i can just pick the rear tyre. what would be your suggestion ?

do i go ahead and just change the rear or change both... virtually front has not even seen a single puncture.. touch wood..
15k is quite less for a change- stick for around 5k kms more. You know my stock front Contigo was changed at 44,000 kms :p

I somehow like the pattern and look of the Pirelli- plus it looks slightly bigger than the Michelins.

44k ????? :eek:

wow... i will let run the IRC for another 10 i guess.. the tread is almost close to a new tyre.... will replace rear with pirelli/michelin radial as suggested...

taking advise from someone who might have tried multiple sets by now is always helpful. thanks a ton mate...
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