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Mohican State Park - Ohio

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Took a ride down to Mohican State Park for no reason other than...just because. Wow, what a great time! The best 130 miles, half tank of gas ($4.50 worth) and 4hrs I ever spent. Also stopped at this little diner on the way back and they had a kick a** corned beef and swiss sammich! There's a BBQ joint across the street I'll have to try next time. I was torn between the two...

The Red steel structure is an old Fire Tower and the building with the flag is a Memorial Shrine for Ohioans killed in World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the Persian Gulf War.


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All of my family is from Mansfield. Looking at your pics made me a little nostalgic. Thanks
I live right near Akron if you ever go for another ride any where near let me know would be cool to meet up with another CBR250R rider. Use to camp there when I was a kid. My school even did a field trip there around 6th grade.
Nice bro, thanks for sharing.
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