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What month was your CBR250R made?

My dealer finally received my black non-abs from a main warehouse outside of Chicago. I have been waiting in southern Illinois since March! Honda pushed back my ship date from June 26th, to July 11th, to July 14th, before my dealer received it this week.

Yet to be un-crated at the dealership, it’s been 4 months of waiting. I was let loose in the Dealership’s warehouse and found it still factory sealed. I cut the two bands and slipped off the card board box and discovered this bike is shipped differently than many other Hondas. I know heavier bikes and cruisers need the front wheel, fender, and battery to be installed along with mirrors and windshield option. The CBR250R ships fully assembled - except for the battery and mirrors. When I took the box off the metal crate the keys were in the ignition and it looked ready to roll.

I did note there was a good amount of dust settled on the front fender. It’s funny how I wait and wait and waited while it sat somewhere gathering dust.

Edit: I got to see my bike uncrated and prepped. The following is all it takes from the shipping crate to rolling on the road. Remove bolts and disassemble metal freight container - about 15 or 20 bolts. Mirrors are in a seperate box located on the rear tire below the seat - 4 bolts. Battery had to be activated and installed (required seats to be removed) - it came in a seperate box attached at the bottom of the crate. Topped it off with a tiny bit of oil as it was shipped low. GAS! Fiddled with the rear brake light adjustment for 10 seconds to increase sensativity for the pedal activation. Added air to tires. Dealer took off on a 1 mile test/joy ride. (promised he wouldn't try any stunts)

That's it. That is what people are paying up to $600 dollars for in initial prep fees. That seems like a lot, IMO. This bike is low maintenance in almost every aspect - for the dealer and the customer.

I live 4 miles from my dealer but some how it had 100 miles on it when I got home. :D I had to tighten the chain a smidge after the initial foray.

State what month yours was made and whether you have had any engine or manufacturing issues. If enough people post, someday this information could be useful.

Mine is March. Thailand built. No issues.

Directions for finding date of manufacture for your bike:

Note the exposed vin sticker on your frame on the gear shift side of your bike. Look in the top right corner of the sticker for the date of manufacture. 03/11 in my case - March 2011.


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Black ABS 2/11
I have the engine rattle at about 5500 rpm. I don't hear it when I use earplugs so a proper survey would require everyone to listen without the earplugs.
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