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Motorcycle Carrier Question

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Does anyone have any experience with this specific motorcycle carrier? I'd appreciate any advice and/or recommendations if you have any. Or, if you know of a different kind of carrier, that'd be great as well.

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Hmm... I've never thought of using a carrier like that one for anything heavier than a bicycle and in fact I didn't think they made them for motorcycles.

Personally I prefer renting a motorcycle trailer from U-Haul for 10 bucks a day on days that I need to tow the bike somewhere.
10$ a day is nice if you don't use it that often.

but If your willing to spend that much try and find a small utility trailer (5-6 footish) with a ramp & get some chocks. That's what i am planning on doing.

Or just load it into the bed of a truck.

i also looked into getting a carrier like that but that is alot of money for just having that one use out of it. IMHO
Check out Trailer In A Bag - Motorcycle Trailers - Scooter Trailers - ATV Trailers - Trike Trailers It's what I plan on using when I get mine, so I can tow it behind my Fit. That hitch carrier is great as long as you have something rated to tow at least 4500# or a class 2 or 3 hitch. Not to mention I don't have the extra space to store a trailer and with the trailer in a bag you can take it apart and store it in a closet.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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