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You're welcome. I just found an adapter on ebay for $9.72 and went with that one. I should have it about the time my bike gets here, I hope!:)
Can you provide a link to the one you purchased?

I found a few, but those which provide details indicate that they use 16 ga. wire. I'm wondering how that compares to the wires on the OEM harness (still waiting for my bike).

Seems like most harnesses now offered on eBay are in pairs (for dual headlight auto applications). Maybe some of you early experimenters have an "extra" harness you'd like to sell.

I'd really like to see a comprehensive "GPS Solutions" thread with detailed images, links to components, and instructions. If nobody posts something like that before I get my bike and figure out what I want to do, maybe I'll share the result in detail.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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