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Movin' on up!

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Hey gang,

After attending IMS to help me decide between the 500R and the 600RR, I decided to pick up a 2011 600RR, new out of the shipping crate, red & black. Got a sweet deal on it so I couldn't pass it up. :)

It was tough parting with my 250, but I'm not a 2-bike guy, at least not yet. I had some awesome times on that bike and I hope it ends up in a really good place.

Thanks for all the knowledge & discussions. I'll keep my account open here and stop by now & then.

Take care!

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Thanks! Will post a pic or two once my first few mods are done (removal of some decals, flat-black painting of small rear cowl exhaust covers, and smoke windshield installation).
Not the bike I would pick for commuting, I'd prefer the 250.. but you'll get a kick out of the power.
Sure, I'd agree with that for the most part. Definitely a more crouched position than the 250. Much of "comfort" though is subjective, I have a lean build and I'm limber (years of aikido & ju-jitsu back in the day) so that will help quite a bit too.

I've also found that riding posture makes a huge difference, even on the 250. Riders that hunch and put extra weight on their wrists will be uncomfortable on almost anything other than a living-room-on-wheels cruiser.

One thing I've heard over and over, the 600rr was designed a bit more as "street first / track second", vs other supersports that are all track 1 / street 2. This was appealing to me. Honda's research indicated that less than 5% of supersport riders actually went to the track, at least on a regular basis.

Certainly not as comfortable as the 250R or 500R, but compared to other competing models / brands, the most comfortable ss for sure.
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Taste is subjective, Comfort is objective.

The effects of posture on comfort is small compared to ergonomics of the bike. There is only so much you can do by adjusting your butt and back. I've yet to hear of a rider who does not find up right ergonmics more comfortable across the board.
Gotta' respectfully disagree with you on both points above man, although I do appreciate your input.

1. My brother, who is 6'1" / 260 lbs is going to be a hell of lot less comfortable on a 600rr than I am. I'm 5'11" / 180". He also has a bad back, I don't. Comfort for different body types on different bikes is purely subjective to an individual's physical traits.

2. I can tell you from experience that a long ride on a CBR250 is a heck of a lot better when my posture is good. I don't think many riders would disagree with that.

No one here (including me) ever said anything about a sport or supersport for that matter ever being more comfortable than a more upright bike. Unless I missed something..? :confused: In fact I think I said the opposite above.
tried the gixxer?
Ya to me the ergonomics on that bike seemed a bit more aggressive than the CBR.. Beautiful bike though, just doesn't "fit" me as well as the 600rr.
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The GSXRs seemed to also have a wider tank at my knees, which I didn't care for compared to the CBR. And the CBR is the only one of the three which has ABS.
I had the same issue with every other ss I tested out - tank into my knees. CBR600 had some room to spare for me as well.
Yes congrats on the Shadow, nice bike!
Post a pic when you stop by.
Some before & after photos I took last weekend, brought her inside for first set of mods. Much better than working in cold bike shed outside! :)

Mostly cosmetic mods - removed decals from rear cowl & middle cowl, removed warning stickers, removed front & rear reflectors, added tank pad, brake res sock, smoke windshield, and wired in brake light signal transmitter for GMax helmet.


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