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Movin' on up!

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Hey gang,

After attending IMS to help me decide between the 500R and the 600RR, I decided to pick up a 2011 600RR, new out of the shipping crate, red & black. Got a sweet deal on it so I couldn't pass it up. :)

It was tough parting with my 250, but I'm not a 2-bike guy, at least not yet. I had some awesome times on that bike and I hope it ends up in a really good place.

Thanks for all the knowledge & discussions. I'll keep my account open here and stop by now & then.

Take care!

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Well 250R bro's and sisters. I to have moved on to a 2009 Honda Shadow.( Black ). I wanted a red one but the color choices wasn't there. The bike wasn't beat up or abused of what I saw or heard. It came with a highway window. But I to want to check in time to time to see how's everyone else are doing.
Congrats. The shadow is a lovely cruiser. Have fun
The GSXRs seemed to also have a wider tank at my knees, which I didn't care for compared to the CBR. And the CBR is the only one of the three which has ABS.
I had the same issue with every other ss I tested out - tank into my knees. CBR600 had some room to spare for me as well.
Yes congrats on the Shadow, nice bike!
Post a pic when you stop by.
Some before & after photos I took last weekend, brought her inside for first set of mods. Much better than working in cold bike shed outside! :)

Mostly cosmetic mods - removed decals from rear cowl & middle cowl, removed warning stickers, removed front & rear reflectors, added tank pad, brake res sock, smoke windshield, and wired in brake light signal transmitter for GMax helmet.


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21 - 27 of 27 Posts
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