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MSF - Advanced Class?

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Has anyone taken the Advanced Riders Course? I'm wondering what all is taught in that course. The only insight they gave us at the end of the BRC about the advanced course was that we would need to provide our own bike.
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I'd def like to know as well... I've every intention of taking it in the spring.
I'm sure this varies depending on the particular group doing the instruction, but typically at least the following:

(1) High(er) speed braking/swerving (emergency maneuvers).
(2) Lots of Slalom and parking lot work with cones.
(3) Some 'throttle control' exercises.
(4) Corner and braking in corners (i.e., 'Trail Braking')
(5) Group riding techniques/formation
(6) Some classroom time about various 'defensive riding' techniques

Regardless of the content variations, whatever course you choose will be extremely valuable (and enjoyable!).
The advanced class was not available at the same MSF school I used. Here in Southern California there are other schools that offer additional training outside of the MSF.

I took a class from Skillz Days and it was definitely money well spent.
holy crap that cop has mad skills! that was sick!
Yeah, that's pretty crazy. On fairly big bikes, too. I'd imagine the same riders would be even more amazing on a lighter bike like a 250.
Talked to the instructors I had after I passed about additional classes. They said it was similar to basic but you use your own bike.
Keep doin' dem classes; keep up the practice; one day ya'll gonna be inter course champions.
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