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My CBR 250R would be perfect for me if ...

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... it had a centre stand. ;)
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That and a kick starter!! And with bar end mirrors I would sleep with it.
I used to love center stands, now I'm thankful most bikes don't have them.

Most bikes (perhaps not all) are more apt to be blown/knocked over on the center stand than the side stand.

Hi DJ. Your posts are usually pretty factual so I have to ask, what bike is safer on a sidestand than a centre stand? I've been riding a long time and like you have owned a lot of bikes and I've never heard of any bike falling off a real properly fitted centre stand.

Back when bikes vibrated we would put bikes on their centre stands, start the engines, and see who's bike would bounce the furthest. I always won with my XS650 which would bounce about 30 feet backwards, in a minute. These were empty bikes and I never saw one fall over. It would take a REALLY strong wind to blow a bike off any centre stand I've seen.
Just curious!!
I like centre stands but you're right, for new riders they can be tough at first. As you know it's about technique not kickstarters!!
For my Kawasaki W650 -
Removed the centrestand.
Fashioned appropriately sized clevis pins out of round aluminum stock to replace the bolts. A cotter pin at each end would keep them in place.
After a while the aluminum got chewed up, but the steel threads in the frame were never damaged.
I could pop the centrestand on and off in seconds to service the bike.
I also have a W650, great bikes, the best Triumph ever made.
Couldn't have said it better.
Sold mine about 5 years ago. (Mistake.)
Ya, they're becoming a real rarety and prices are increasing accordingly. I bought mine about a year ago, 9,000 miles (an American import) but had to pay a real premium. They were crappy sellers with 2,000 being sold in the two years they were on sale in NA. With the retro craze now they would be big sellers if they were in showrooms.

OP...sorry for highjacking a good thread.
1 - 5 of 30 Posts
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