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Stopped at the service department at my dealer in SW Florida; SunSports. I was told, "Oh, it'll be about $150 to check the valves." I then told him that it is a single cylinder engine with four valves and then he told me that it should take about an hour and half and "...$150 should about do it because we have to remove the radiator." The service manager did not check the Honda service manual...'cause he doesn't have one. I have resolved that am going to have to do my own valves and routine maintenance after the purchase of the service manual as soon as it is released by the printer, Helm. I have ZERO confidence in this dealer. Not sure what I will do about shims however...
Yeh too bad everytime I call honda for the service manual, they say "sometime at the end of july" yet they are able to look at it in their system. Means they have a soft copy, EMAIL IT TO ME!, ill pay you the dam $$.

Someone also on the .org forums posted part of it, but since its the India version, i think some things are diff.

Thank you honda for the bike, no thank you for the lack of setting up the proper support required for this bike and educating the dealerships.

When you do check the valves, do take some pics and put them up, maybe we can all learn from it because I have heard many cases of people not getting the valves checked because the dealerships dont think it needs to be done. Pathetic.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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