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when i take the cold bike to a straight 200kms,it works problems

i will describe the problem.
When i rode around 10km or so,low speed(below 40kmph)
and bike stopped for juz to have a drink(nt beverage)-less than 2minuites,
and restart the
ignition,engine is louder,and heavy rattle upon revving.

When the fan is allowed to run itself,and till it turns down,
starting after that produces a little noise/rattle than i left the vehicle off,and start it
but amazing fact is that a never stoping ride doesnt create it.

Is it my oil or low coolant or smethng?

Turning on engine leaves no oil at glass window.but stoping engine,i get half level of oil in watch window.
Is it the perfect level?
This Oil has been in bike for past 650kms

Please help me solve this problem
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