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Price seems a little high, but if they're selling them that quick there's little incentive to bargin. I imagine with the ABS units in short supply, that's probably the going rate.

I love mine (black non-ABS) and hope that you get the same kind of enjoyment out of yours.

I personally would add some gear to the list. I know it's hot in Texas and that helmets (depending on age and proof of insurance) can be optional, but I hope you will at least protect the squash. BTW, others on here will disagree.

While you're waiting, there are a number of good books that can give you a leg up on the other beginners (and on some "experienced" riders. I personally like "Twist of the Wrist" and 'Twist of the Wrist II" by Keith Code, but there are a couple of others that were highly recommended to me by much more experienced riders. I have them on order now: "Sport Riding Techniques" by Nick Ienatsch and "Riding in the Zone" by Ken Condon. Both supposedly have a wealth of information about riding on the street. If you want to wait (or get the Code books now) I should have a more solid opinion in a few weeks.

I started a couple of topics (search for "Riding Tips") that people have added to on here, and there is a wealth of information online, including most of the MSF information if you want to get a head start on understanding how bikes work.

Good Luck & Ride Safe!

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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