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No CBR yet. I am brand new to motorcycles, decided I want to get myself one for weekend morning rides out towards the nearby lake. CBR won't be my daily commuter. I have a custom PT Cruiser and a new Mazda 3 that is my daily driver.

I started off wanting a Ninja, that pearl white is very nice and would match the pearl on my Mazda! .....but the fuel injection, lower rpm power band, and the gauge panel on the CBR have won me over. I want an all black ABS model.

I am waiting until the end of summer to take the MSF course and buy/order a CBR -- only because of the 100+ degree summer here in Austin. I'll actually ride more during the Texas Fall/Winter than in the hot Summer.

Just wanted to say hello and I will be researching a lot here and will undoubtedly have all kinds of questions.

Here is my pre-list of mods that I just 'gotta have':
1. Tyga/Honda tinted windscreen
2. Replace the front running lights with LEDs, and headlight with 3K HID.
3. Tyga red wheel pinstripes
4. Healtech gear indicator.
5. Maybe wrap the muffler cover in carbon fiber vinyl.

What do you guys know about current availability for ABS models?

Here is the response from the first local dealer , (Austin Texas) that I have contacted: Seems $5500 is the high end of all the paid prices I have seen on forum.....

Thanks for your interest in the Honda CBR250R w/ ABS. Honda has not released any ABS models yet, but dealers should be able to order them in July or August. September will be the final month for dealer orders of CBR250Rs and those units will arrive in late November for sale in December. I would recommend you start shopping in August and put a deposit on the first black ABS you can find around $5500 "out the door" because every CBR250R we've received was either sold before it arrived or within a week of arrival. Good luck with your search and please let us know if we can help you.

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Price seems a little high, but if they're selling them that quick there's little incentive to bargin. I imagine with the ABS units in short supply, that's probably the going rate.

I love mine (black non-ABS) and hope that you get the same kind of enjoyment out of yours.

I personally would add some gear to the list. I know it's hot in Texas and that helmets (depending on age and proof of insurance) can be optional, but I hope you will at least protect the squash. BTW, others on here will disagree.

While you're waiting, there are a number of good books that can give you a leg up on the other beginners (and on some "experienced" riders. I personally like "Twist of the Wrist" and 'Twist of the Wrist II" by Keith Code, but there are a couple of others that were highly recommended to me by much more experienced riders. I have them on order now: "Sport Riding Techniques" by Nick Ienatsch and "Riding in the Zone" by Ken Condon. Both supposedly have a wealth of information about riding on the street. If you want to wait (or get the Code books now) I should have a more solid opinion in a few weeks.

I started a couple of topics (search for "Riding Tips") that people have added to on here, and there is a wealth of information online, including most of the MSF information if you want to get a head start on understanding how bikes work.

Good Luck & Ride Safe!

Thanks Luke!

I did not mention gear because it is not a "mod" to me, it is a requirement. I will buy a full face helmet, gloves, and above ankle shoes/boots for the MSF class. They require at least a long sleeve shirt during the class vs a jacket due to the summer heat I guess. I will also get a jacket with armor for the cooler weather. I am thinking of a padded neck collar brace and then some sort of knee pads....I am a beginner.:eek:

I have been reviewing the MSF site and plan to get the book in advance, and I will look for some of the books you mentioned too. I have a good friend who has been riding a Harley for years and motorcycles all his life so I can get good advice from him. And my neighborhood is ideal for practice, we are attached to an office park with a nice smooth road, huge open parking lots, and some perfect hills to practice hill starts on. I'll venture out on the road when ready.

I know how to drive a manual shift car, so I hope that will help with learning the motorcycle at least a little; and the local MSF has Ninja 250s to learn on, so I hope that will help some, too.
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