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I live in San Antonio and I just impulse bought it this weekend. I took the MSF course 2 years ago down in the Valley when I first moved there from up north and decided not to get one (or my endorsement) for that matter because I was tutoring a bunch of kids who used to steal them. After I moved up here, I found out the MSF course is good for 3 years. I took the test and passed on friday (mostly common sense, but it'll be better if you took the course and got your endorsement immediately after). Saturday morning, I took home the bike. I gotta say I love it and already have a few hundred miles. I didn't take home the ABS and with tax, title, fees, etc, the bike ended up being really close to $5500. I couldn't really talk down the dealer either :/ but I didn't try hard enough. Like I said, total impulse buy.

I'd recommend waiting til it gets cooler, but in the meantime, develop a relationship with a dealer and try to talk him down on the price every few weeks. Maybe by the time it gets cooler, you'll get a sweet deal.
Be safe out there. 35 rush hour is crazy scary.
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