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Hello everybody. I initially was not going to join this forum until I'd bought the bike but after waiting 3-4 months I'd finally decided against it and join anyways. The cbr250r will be my first bike and I plan on keeping it for a very long time because it features economic convenience while maintaining a fun sporty nature. The reliability of its craftsmanship is also a huge plus in my book as well.
My MSF course will be starting in a couple of weeks so I am very stoked about it and have been vigorously studying the online handbook to mentally prepare myself for it. The only thing I worry about this bike is the cost of insurance for it especially because I am a fairly young (25 yrs old) new rider to the motorcycle scene and I'm sure Insurance companies frown upon new riders with sports bikes. But I think in the long run its all worth it cuz they can't put a price on the smile I'll have when I'm riding my jewel out in the open road.
I plan on purchasing the cbr250r early next year or at least by the end of that year. That is assuming if I can find one of these babies around where I live because trying to find theses bikes are a dime a dozen. Thanks for reading my extensive intro everybody and I hope to chat with y'all in the future.
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