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New Member Introduction

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Hi everyone.

My name is Alex I'm new to riding and new to this forum. My interests and hobbies are vast so I will give a small summarization of them. Interests and hobbies include: any form of travel, cannabis, exercise, beer, sushi, guns, cars, super sports, modifying anything, mobile car audio & video, any water sport, survival, emergency preparedness, hunting, shooting, fishing, camping, hiking, backpacking & anything zombie apocalypse oriented. I'm currently saving up for a black 2012 CBR250R (ABS). Just wanting to introduce myself, feel free to hit me up!
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Welcome CBRAWR250R
You have picked a good forum to be a part of. Alot good information here. Rider tips to major overhauling. I'm a former 250 kawi rider and this model basically out shines my former bike! I own a 2011 red/siler model and it's great! The ecomnomic's and all around good bike. This IS a keeper!
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