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New member - SouthAmerican rider here

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My name is Jose, I´m from Venezuela, South America.
I ride a VT1100c 1994 Shadow but need a smaller ride. The cruiser consumes a lot of fuel and the scarcity these days is something we need to deal with. You know what happens when commies take over a country.
This being said, I´m looking forward to getting myself a 250 but I won´t go with anything else than a Honda. Mine has been in my life since 2005 and I plan to keep her forever. The intention of a second ride is for travelling half of the country on not-so-well-maintained roads to another city where I have my home. Currently living with my parents and it´s driving me nuts. Going there on public transport is a nightmare. The bus has no air conditioning, and the cost of the ticket is about 60$ round trip. 480 kilometers one way.
With a bike in good shape, I could cover that distance without too much trouble at like 25$. Added to this, parking space in my folks' home is limited and they have complained about my idea of bringing along my huge cruiser.
I have nothing to bring with me except maybe fuel and a small backpack with some tools, a spare CDI, and other basic stuff.
Hope to find some good fellas out there!
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