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new! parts in thailand

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I\'ve got a set on mine I got them because I bent the original ones after a drop, They adjust only front and back where as the original is fixed at one point.

The set gives a more racing posture, unfortunately the CBR250 is not a full sport design and it is mixed Touring/Sport if you plan to use it for sport I would suggest to get them but with 300% tax maybe a different brand! I paid $166 for mine happy with it :D
Does the "racing posture" mean their bars are lower than standard(sent bikers an email asking but no reply yet)
That not just a new screen, the whole top section of the nose cowl is mod. As with the rear end they both look fantastic.
Here's a slightly different version, same screen, standard nose cowl(sort of).
Different rear again and the under cowl on this one is very cool.
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Just sent email to "Faddybike" and "Ride It", we'll see what comes back.
can you pm me his mailing adress..i'd like to mail them myself ..
thx dude :)
Check the web site

Hi , i m from India . I would like to know more about the mugen kit(red and black ) and how to order them via overseas , the cost ? Thank you :D
Didn't think you could buy Mugen "kit" thought it was just a one off show bike. If you know different you know more than me.

Actually posted to say faddybike has some very nice new body mods for the 250 on their web site PARTS AND ACCESSORIES FOR HONDA CBR150R CBR125. Some parts are made to order so may take 1-2 weeks before postage, he also does paypal. Email him he'll send you are price list.
1 - 4 of 71 Posts
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