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new! parts in thailand

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Can anyone explain what the Adjustable Handlebar Set does exactly ?
Does it allow you to raise the handlebars ? or is it just forward/backward movement ?
I\'ve got a set on mine I got them because I bent the original ones after a drop, They adjust only front and back where as the original is fixed at one point.

The set gives a more racing posture, unfortunately the CBR250 is not a full sport design and it is mixed Touring/Sport if you plan to use it for sport I would suggest to get them but with 300% tax maybe a different brand! I paid $166 for mine happy with it :D
Does the "racing posture" mean their bars are lower than standard(sent bikers an email asking but no reply yet)
Yes lower and they are adjustable so you can find what you think feels best,

you can even put into drag position where it is horizontal (facing your tank) but you won't be able to turn!

You get a plate cover for the main bracket and handle caps included looks good too.
1 - 2 of 71 Posts
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