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Terrible mark up on US prices for Bikers parts

Too bad Bikers decided to use distributors instead of just selling direct. The US distributor is charging 300%. It's pretty safe to say, Bikers will never sell another part in the US with pricing like that. Here is the email I just got.

On Oct 13, 2011, Tadashi Matsushita <[email protected]> wrote:
Hello Mr Scott,

Thank you very much for interested in Bikers products.
I'm sorry to contact you late.
My name is Tadashi. I'm working for Tsukigi Racing in US.

I got the product list of CBR250R that you want from Bikers.

900-H150 Adjustable Handle Bar Set(Red) ---$367.75
900-H73 Clutch Cable Adjustable Set(Red) ---$13.56
900-H142 Adjustable Brake Lever (Extra Long)(Red)---$67.75
900-H115 Adjustable Clutch Lever --- $67.75
900-H121 Front Shock Up Adjuster ---$106.44

Also,you said H46 but we don't have that product#,we have H146,so I put the price of it. If it's not the product that you want,please let me know.

900-H146 Back Step ---$503.25

Total amount will be $1126.50.

Actually,we don't have them in stock in US right now,so we will contact to Japan main office and Bikers in Thailand about inventory.

Please let me know in anytime if you have any questions.
Tadashi Matsushita from Tsukigi Racing USA
1 - 3 of 71 Posts
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