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New Rider - First impressions

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Forgive the length, I figured I would share my experiences on the CBR250R.

This is my first motorcycle, 30 years old. I have a Red, Non ABS, and I have had the bike since Tuesday 5/31. My previous experience was riding a nighthawk during the MSF course.

OTD was about 5k even, which is a basically inflated Scottsdale price. They started out at $6400 and obviously were playing hardball with the bike, as I have had a down-payment since February. I got tired of negotiating and decided I was prepared to pay 5k for the bike, and so I paid that. <shrug>

My sales guy was good, he gave me a run down of the bike and gave me some good advice.. I practiced for about an hour close to the dealer before riding home. I considered riding it immediately back to the dealer because I was scared ****-less of the sensation of speed. But, I made it home and the next day I put about 30 more miles on it, and got more comfortable.

The bike is awesome, and I wish I was a better rider with more skill to take advantage of it. I have been riding it as normal, with no consideration whatsoever to break-in, and only worrying about riding around and staying alive. Cornering and turning is generally a hair-raising experience, but I'm getting better.

The brakes are good for me, it has the ability to stop extremely well. The throttle is also easy to work with. I was initially stalling the bike quite a bit, but now I am getting smoother with clutch and throttle.

I like the sound of the bike as-is. I will not be replacing the exhaust. The heat-shield is actually aluminum, and works well. The headlight is extremely bright and looks fantastic. The fit and finish on the bike, to me, is excellent.

Neutral is easy to get to, unlike the MSF bike. However, you do need to shift down to 1st gear while moving. If you are already stopped and cannot get 1st, just roll back a little bit with pressure on the pedal, and it will click right in.

Wind-wise, I will be wearing earplugs, you definitely get a lot of wind noise. I notice no difference in wind on my body laying down or sitting upright. Visibility is very good with the seating position, and I do not think the seat is hard or uncomfortable. Adjusted properly, the mirrors are great. It is good to watch behind you if you are at a stop, to make sure the person behind you is going to stop. I stay in 1st gear at stops, also.

Gauges, the MPH and RPM reading is very easy to see, it seems top quality.

So, still learning. This bike is very forgiving. I love it!

Ride safe..
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Thanks for great review. I can second everything in it. I also got my CBR less than two weeks ago, and this is my first bike after MSF course.
I got tired of negotiating and decided I was prepared to pay 5k for the bike, and so I paid that. <shrug>
Good negotiating technique!

Sounds like you have a good attitude to motorcycling.... enjoy the adventure.
keep practising, this bike is so beginner friendly! good review.
what others have said, plus:

  • Isolated, low traffic roads: find some less-traveled roads, preferably familiar ones. Practice turning, stopping, shifting, etc. Keep an eye out for old ladies/guys turning out of driveways.
  • Remember MSF: 12-second scan, drive like everyone else on the road is trying to kill you.
  • Learn to hate cell phones: two semi-close calls for me in the last month, both were drivers more interested in talking than looking.
  • Learn to love your front brake: Give it most of the stopping duties.
  • Wear the gear: It's not that expensive or hot, and road rash is a painful thing to heal.
  • Have fun: The CBR is a sweet little bike - I love mine, and I'm 24 years older than you with a lot more time in the saddle. At 75mpg, most anyone can afford to take a long ride to nowhere.
I hope you like your CBR as much as I do: if so, you will be a very happy man. Enjoy!

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BTW, the neutral issue can also be resolved with a slight(!) clutch engagement while pressing down on the shift lever. It will click right in.
Congrats on the bike. Good choice. I can guarantee that you will have hours of fun and grow in your skill level with this bike. It's lightweight, nimble, peppy, and just plain nice looking. I also have the "neutral" issue so I talked with the mechanic at the dealership who commented that this bike seems to have that issue so don't feel it's not you, it's the Just release the clutch a bit and the transmission will drop into first nicely. Have fun and keep the shiney side up. :D
thanks guys, this is good stuff.

I'm up to about 80 miles total on the bike.. it is a really fun ride. I'm sure it is possible to outgrow and want more speed, but I can't imagine riding anything less forgiving than this. I almost bit it in a turn yesterday, and I think a more powerful bike would have been very dangerous for me in that situation!
congrats on the new bike sloppy...the cbr was my first real street bike and i love it..have fun with it, take your time and ride safe!!
SLoppy. That's ok. You have a friend indeed. I purchased the same bike you did and I was apprehensive when I first bought mine. I am getting better. I put about 365 miles on the bike inthe twomonths that I had it. The more you ride, the more confident you will become. Don't get overconfident, though becuase that is when you make mistakes.

I appreciate your post. I was having a lot of fun when I first bought my bike, but now I want something with a little more power. BUt after reading your post about how you would have got into an accident if you had a faster buke, I am not sure if I should get a faster bike until I get some more miles under my belt.
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