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what others have said, plus:

  • Isolated, low traffic roads: find some less-traveled roads, preferably familiar ones. Practice turning, stopping, shifting, etc. Keep an eye out for old ladies/guys turning out of driveways.
  • Remember MSF: 12-second scan, drive like everyone else on the road is trying to kill you.
  • Learn to hate cell phones: two semi-close calls for me in the last month, both were drivers more interested in talking than looking.
  • Learn to love your front brake: Give it most of the stopping duties.
  • Wear the gear: It's not that expensive or hot, and road rash is a painful thing to heal.
  • Have fun: The CBR is a sweet little bike - I love mine, and I'm 24 years older than you with a lot more time in the saddle. At 75mpg, most anyone can afford to take a long ride to nowhere.
I hope you like your CBR as much as I do: if so, you will be a very happy man. Enjoy!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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