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New rider from Houston, TX

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Hi guys. Just picked up my bike this afternoon. I managed to find a used one w/ 700 miles for $3k. It's a steal if you ask me. This is my first bike. Im terrified already. I almost died twice on the way home. Once when a guy turned left in front of me and I was in the straight lane and once when I got just mosied on into the lane I was in. I knew you were supposed to ride like you were invisible, but dang.

First questions:

How do I know if it has ABS? I think it does as the owner's manual that came with it said "CBR250R/A" and I think the last letter means ABS but how do I know for sure?

The insurance people said if I join a club, it decreases my insurance rates. You think this decrease equates to the cost to join? Any other suggestions for decreasing insurance rates besides MSF (already done)?

Suggestions for first modifications? Seems like it's almost perfect the way it is...
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Welcome. :) Glad you took the MSF course. Lower your rates by: keeping your driving record clean, getting older, getting married, buying a house, combining auto/bike/home insurance with one company, eliminating Collision and Comprehensive coverage if you do not owe money on the bike and you can afford the potential loss, buy a second bike, make sure to always pay your premium on time, take advantage of "paid in full" discounts on your premium, ride the bike for pleasure use (or at least tell them that's what you're doing), find out which clubs you can join that will allow you to get a discount on insurance. That's all that I can think of right now. Good luck!
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