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Hey everyone. I'm looking into getting into riding and i'll hopefully be picking up a 2012 black cbr250 in the next 3 weeks. A couple questions. I'm about 5'11 or 6' and i'm skinny. I hear alpine stars are european and pretty slim fit for skinny guys? I'm looking into the luc air jacket. Alpinestars Luc Air Jacket - RevZilla

Also i'm down to two different helmets that have really great reviews. This one is $100 cheaper and i hear it has less wind noise. Icon Alliance Dark Helmet - RevZilla
This one i really like the matte titanium and it has transition lens that apparently work really well and id really like that. Bell Qualifier DLX Rally Helmet - RevZilla

I'll probably just pick up some gloves under $100 that have good reviews. Any suggestions?

Any advice and opinions would be really appreciated!

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The only 2 cents I have to offer is don't forget to consider being as visible as possible. Black bike, black jacket and black helmet is ..well…..BLACK. As you will undoubtedly learn, most people driving cars won't see you. Anything you can do to make yourself more visible, could potentially save your life.

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agree on careful fitment of all your gear..
helmets for safety and comfort, where comfort
on a motorcycle = not an unnecessary distraction..

gloves same, when control of your motorcycle
includes especially hand control of clutch,
front brake and throttle..
while safety features are important for gloves
you want imo summer gloves for summer
not heavier waterproof gloves..
summer gloves are less restrictive etc,
and better value, probably best first gloves..

boots also important, motorcycle specific boots
obviously designed for riding environment
so also obviously best option..

alpine stars are good jackets, when fitted
personally.. and in typical riding positions..
[what looks good in the mirror and feels ok
just standing may not translate to riding]

riding pants also best, but for many riders
this is also a compromise, esp when you
walk around after your rides etc..
thickest canvas or denim obviously
resists abrasion better..

a good pair or full coverage sunnies
are imo also important for riding in glare
and should not allow in side light..
also should be light and fit nicely
in your helmet = try them on
wearing your helmet..

depends on your budget of course
but i recommend rs taichi riding shoes
[low boots] for purpose built riding boots..
you cant see the lateral crush proofing
but its there if a motorcycle ever
side drops on your foot..

there are many excellent brands of jacket,
gloves, boots and so on available today..
use google and check them out at
specific motorcycle outlets..

most rational riders come around to
accepting good gear as the only way
to ride their motorcycles on the roads..

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I wear the Icon Alliance Dark helmet. I added some red accents. For the most part, I love the helmet. I do have one gripe, and its highlighted by the fact it comes with two face shields. Changing the face shield is a pain. I broke the retaining mechanism on mine by accidentally brute forcing the shield on without it being lined up correctly. It takes some effort to lock it in when its mounted right too. It was a $10 dollar part, and I was able to ride with it broken.. but it was distracting. The helmet is comfy and quiet though, really nice interior.

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Alpinestars jackets are indeed a Euro cut. My Jaws leather jacket fits a treat on the bike. Sadly, I cannot recommend their budget gloves. My pair of SMX-2 gloves developed a hole next to the velcro closure within 6 months. My SP-2 gauntlets have a hole in the palm, next to the padded slider thing, after a couple of dozen uses. I have no experience with either helmet, but I have the Bell Star Carbon and it is basicly faultless (loud without earplugs, but that's an easy fix). Perhaps the Qualifier will have the same attention to detail with less expensive materials and a simpler design. I would always recommend a $1000 budget to get a basic set of full coverage gear to start with. Motorcycling on the street is a risky endeavour. In the event of an accident, all you have to save you is your gear. You might as well get the best you can afford and hope it's enough to help prevent serious injury.

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I think it's worth spending the extra money on quality gear, especially if you plan on riding at highway speeds.

Most of the cheaper textile gear is polyester, which doesn't have much abrasion resistance. Leather is great for abrasion, but awful for tearing if the fit isn't perfect, so I wouldn't use it for pants and jacket. Cordura and Kevlar seem to be the best balance of the two, with Kevlar gear being much better and corresponding much more expensive.

I have a one piece Cordura Olympia Odyssey suit in high vis, and I love it. I added CE1 hip pads as the included foam pads aren't sufficient IMO. There are a few other really good one piece suits out there, but for whatever reason they aren't very popular.

Most people skimp on boots and gloves. Gloves in particular are key as you'll likely try to catch yourself with your hands, so they're a common first point of impact. Cheap gloves won't protect your hands, or will be too grippy, putting too much force into your arm at once and breaking it. I would suggest good full gauntlet leather gloves, and if you buy a model a year or two behind you can often get better gloves for less money.

At the end of the day, you need to ask how much your health is worth to you, and gear up accordingly.
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