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New Rider in Southern California

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Hello All,

So I have been lurking the board for the pass few months as I have a 2012 Red CBR250. I just got back into riding and choose the CBR to be my first new bike back. Previous bikes has been a Ninja 250, GSXR600 & 750. The CBR is a terrific bike. Doesn't have the power as a 600 or 750 but the agility and as a daily commuter to work and back it is a fun bike to be on. 70MPG on a 3.4 gallon tank is a lot better then 15MPG on a 26 gallon tank. The saving in gas has been a blessing.

As I have said before I have been on the board before and have already done a few mods to my bike thanks to those that posted there suggestions and how to's to help with modding our bikes. Here is my list of mods so far.

- HotBodies Fender Eliminator (yeah it was crap and broke after a week) DIY mod done using Simpson Strong Ties.

- Black heatshield mod

- Tank Pad

- Ram Mount Fork Kit

- Front USB Socket

- Under Rear Seat 12V Socket Mod

- CNC Aluminum Adjustible Brake & Clutch Levers

- Hot Bodies Flush Mount Front Turn Signals

- HID Xenon Front Headlight

- Red Reflective tape on rims.

- Rear Turn Signals (14 LED Turn Signals)

I am at about 2300 miles on my bike. It has been the best 2300 miles I have put on since the day I purchased the bike. Rancho Palos Verdes and Ortega Highway have been some great adventures. Can't wait to see what other add-on can be made for our CBR's. Stay safe and have a great time riding out there.
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