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For the smaller, non-critical bolts, I'd recommend sticking with a 1/4" drive ratchet. It's hard to overdo it with a ratchet that size, but it will provide adequate leverage for all the small stuff.

I agree about not using a torque wrench on the small stuff. Plenty of people have snapped bolts before reaching the "proper" torque. Learn what "snug" feels like. That's usually the best.

It's better to use a drop or two of blue (Medium) Loctite on the threads than to over-tighten it.

Have you taken a basic rider course? If not, I would suggest it. There's no time to learn on the street these days, and making sure you have the basics down correctly is the best way to start - if you can't ride dirt bikes.

One thing to look at would be the age of the tires. They don't last forever, even if they have a lot of tread. The manufacture date on the tires is 4 numbers in an oval on the sidewall - like "2619". The first 2 are the week of the year (26th week), the last are the last digits of the year (2019). Most agree that after 5 years the rubber has dried significantly and a good amount of traction has been lost. Get a good tire gauge, know the proper pressure, and check it often.

One other thing to know is how to do is proper chain adjustment and alignment. This video is very good, as is the entire site -

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