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Humans tend to over-tighten small fasteners and under-tighten large ones.

Clicker torque wrench is too quiet at lower torque settings and lots of people don't notice the click and keep on turning. Beam-style torque wrench or torque meter that gives live feedback with numbers is much more useful and accurate.

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Both will teach you proper "feel" of sufficient torque for various fasteners better than clicker-type wrenches. Don't think I've used one of those in 40-yrs. Numbers are way better!

The beam-style is especially helpful at higher torque-values used on head-bolts and axle-nuts due to "torque creep" phenomenon. When target torque is reached, you'll notice wrench continue to turn additional 10-20 degrees without any increase in torque. This is friction in threads being overcome and real bolt stretch being registered. With clicker-type wrenches that clicks at initial target, this would cause fastener to be tightened too loose. Not good for head-bolts or axle nuts.


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