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My Dad was very motorcycle oriented, we had an old step thru honda 50 to ride in a large yard. Then we got dirt bikes. There was no MSF back then, but I believe getting a 70 - 100 cc bike in the dirt and thrashing it is fun and you learn a lot. You learn to look where you want your tires to go, and make them go there. You learn to miss obstacles, by not watching them, but watching where you need to go. You also learn to check terrain ahead, where you will be in 5 or 10 seconds. Your eyes do a lot of scanning, this will all help to keep you alive while driving among cages that are too busy on the cell phone or texting, or GPSing to actually pay atention and drive.
You also learn about a lot of surface and traction conditions, different than the street, but you get trained to look for these things. you can fall a lot, but not in front of a car, so if you dont ride off a cliff, you can fall and ride and learn a lot. Especially about gears, rpms and brakes. Take a class, watch for idiots. do not ride in a blind spot. If you cannot see a drivers face in their side mirror, they cant see you even if they did look. I pass so many cars with the side mirrors adjusted to see rear, they never know you are next to them. you are responsible for your safety. Be ready and willing to hit the horn, go some place and use it repeatedly so you know exactly where it is.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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