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Take the MSF Class.

Look up Countersteering.

For practice buy a set of small cones at a Sporting Goods store. Practice weaving, figure 8's and u-turns in a wide open parking lot. Practice braking hard with out traffic around. There are lots of books and internet videos that show you how to ride.

Learn to keep your weight off the bars. Hold the bars as lightly as you can. Squeeze the tank with your knees and push on the footpegs to hold yourself up.

Look where you want to go. It takes some time to build up the comfort level and reference points.

Having a couple of reference points on your tachometer helps. I think the 250 is spinning at 7000 rpm at 48mph in fourth gear. I forget what 65mph in sixth gear is. But those are two good reference points.

Take your time and practice alot.

Get a good helmet and a comfortable motorcycle jacket.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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