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this is my first modern street bike. about a month and a half ago (on st.pattys day) I got a brand new suzuki glaius 650cc. i totaled it 5 hours after it was delivered to my house. i was doing all the figure eights, finding the friction zone on the clutch, it was like everyone says. it happened so fast. i was doing those drills, my bike lurched forward, and i went for my front brake with my finger while the inside of my hand wrapped around the throttle and openened it up!!! a 650cc vtwin with an inexperienced rider (me), went from 5 to 35 mph in like a nano second and i rode staight into a brick wall. totalled bike. had it for five hours. i luckilly walked away major bruises beween my legs because my pelvis and "unmentionables" hit the gas tank. i was LUCKY. but i am getting back on the horse so to speak. find a nice big lot. one like supermarket size, so that if you do god forbid loose control or need to bail you too will walk away. take your time though. i talked to a guy teaches the MSC here in ohio and around the country; he said its not like relearning how to drive.. its like learning how to play the violin. i think that is a perfect comparison.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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