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New rider - Worth buying 2012 CBR250r (non-ABS) with close to 19000 kilometers on odo?

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I recently got my M2 license (Ontario motorcycle riding license) and want to buy a new motorcycle. I know very little to nothing about motorcycles. The motorcycle seems to be in a good shape with minor cosmetic scratches and no rust that I could visibly see. It is a non-ABS model but within my budget of ~$2500 CAD.

I was wondering if it is worth buying a 2012 CBR250r in 2021 as a first motorcycle? Would I have to spend a lot in maintenance as it is close to 10 years old? Any thing in particular I should look for before buying?

Thank you :)
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I'd keep shopping. $2500 seems high for a 9 year old non-ABS model with that much mileage. $2500 is the high-end amount for a 2012. With a little patience and research you should ne able to find an ABS model with lower mileage and as a new rider you want ABS.
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You sound like an older soul onebohemian.
When I bought my 2011 CBR250R new it was one of the first to hit Honda dealers in my state and ABS models were still another 6 months away. Since I'd had my motorcycle license since 1980 without incident and had owned bigger bikes, I didn't think it was strictly necessary either. Still over the past 10 years of riding my CBR I've found myself in numerous situations where I've WISHED I had ABS, if only as insurance. The added cost of ABS is so slight and the engineering is so reliable now that I don't think any new rider should have to settle for non-ABS in a new or used bike. JMO.
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