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New rider - Worth buying 2012 CBR250r (non-ABS) with close to 19000 kilometers on odo?

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I recently got my M2 license (Ontario motorcycle riding license) and want to buy a new motorcycle. I know very little to nothing about motorcycles. The motorcycle seems to be in a good shape with minor cosmetic scratches and no rust that I could visibly see. It is a non-ABS model but within my budget of ~$2500 CAD.

I was wondering if it is worth buying a 2012 CBR250r in 2021 as a first motorcycle? Would I have to spend a lot in maintenance as it is close to 10 years old? Any thing in particular I should look for before buying?

Thank you :)
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I would not agree that you, as a new rider, need ABS, though. No doubt it would be nice to have for you, but most of us learned how to ride without ABS and we are not the worse for wear because of it.
Except for those that fell off their bike because of over braking the front wheel at a panic situation.... You can find those in pretty much every motorcycle crash compilation on Youtube.
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