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Why oh why couldn't it have been a GSX-R250 instead of this monstrosity? The only reason I bought a Honda was the Suzi didn't have a sport 250, and then when they merged with Kawi, my blue and white (or blue and yellow) days were numbered...

My first bike was a GZ250, which I'm converting to a cafe racer:
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I agree with the whole GSX-R250 thing. If they could come up with one of those and Yamaha could do a YZF-R250 instead of the 125 versions we get then everyone would be happy :)
check out that rear fender, dang that's huge! Well i guess it's good for the fender eliminator business as they'll be selling a fair few...that is if someone actually buys this bike! :)
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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