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New tires

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I have a 2013 Honda CBR 250r looking to get some new tread I ride on the 4lane most of the time so need something that will last thanks
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I prefer regular street tires (nylon uniform), reasons:
1. Cheap cost.
2. For my raid style it has a good grip: I don't go crazy on the road, I don't ride on the edge, 100-114 km/h is my cruising speed.
3. Nylon tire has more resistant to punctures. And this is a risk that I avoid, a risk that can be really big when riding on a 4-lane road.
4. Long lasting (low wear)
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I replaced the tires on my 2011 with a set of Michelin's lower cost bias-ply tires. I couldn't see paying more for radials since I don't do a lot of "sporty" riding. The price was great and I was able to mount and balance them myself thanks to a great YouTube video by Ari Henning. I've been completely happy with their performance.
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If were you live you can get a set of bridgestone t30 or michelin pilot street, they are a good option, I have also used Dunlop gt601 and dunlop gpr300.
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