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Name's, Martin. I'm new to this Forum. Hope to meet some Kool
Katz. None of my friends ride so it'd be cool to meet some locals.

Bought a brand '12 Cbr250 about a month ago.
I also ride a cb1000. I'm not a narrow-minded
speed freak...unless I'm riding my 1000.

I absolutely love my 250. I ride 45mi to work
and 45mi back home 5 days a week. Also a 110mi
to see my Girlfriend and 110mi back home twice a
week. Everyday, I am on this. And everyday, I am
enjoying it. It's durability is phenomenal. I'll take
The canyon home sometimes from work and I just
Carve through that ********************. I find myself going through
And coming out of most corners a lot faster on my 250
than on my 1000.

I may be slow on the hwy, but having a bigger bike
Doesn't make you a better rider. Being wise tops it all.
70+ mpg > 45mpg
For how much I ride, I wish I would've gotten a 250 sooner.

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Welcome and I like your choices in bikes
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