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Newbie here Looking for Frame and Engine paint info

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I have a 1990 CBR250RR MC22 Japanese import and looking for paint code info for the steel sub frame and the engine Both are silver. I already know the paint codes for the tank and fairings etc.

I have been google searching for days but cant find any listings for this paint. Found lost for the fairings etc.


PP Restorer
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Hi, and welcome to the forum.
This is a forum for CBR250R 2011-2013, but I'll try answer your question about painting and you cen see if it helps you.

I just finished a painting project. There was no difficulty in matching colors with a professional color fan in the sunlight. Besides that, even after adjusting the "right" color the play of light and shadow, projecting different wavelengths from the environment, let's say when you park near a green bush, or different textures (rough vs. smooth), all of these continue to play with the color all the time.

After that I have two advices for you:
1. Buy all the paint you need plus 10%, because there may be color differences between one production series and another.
2. For the last layer, buy a two-component paint, which is harder, and more resistant to solvents such as fuel.

Please if you can take before and after pictures for us, thank you very much.
Thanks so much for the advice. I did not realise this forum was specifically for 2011-2013 bike so sorry for that
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