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Newbie qxn: When will the learning curve slow down?

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I have had my CBR250r for around 2 months and I feel like I learn something VERY important everytime I read this board and especially every time I go for a ride!

All I heard from the Honda salesman (and friends) was that I would "outgrow the 250" in six weeks. Well, six weeks and 500 miles on 2 lane road and parking lots later...I still feel like I have not even scratched the surface yet.

I am currently learning to ride with proper foot position and keeping my grip loose. (Great Hints from this board!!!)

I can't see moving up to a bigger bike anytime in the next year or two. (If at all)

I enjoy all the redlining and shifting and I even like the sound of the stock exhaust. (Hope that is not offensive)

When I took my motorcycle safety course, they told me I would ride 1-2 times a month. That was so wrong! I ride at least 6 days a week. I had work issues that prevented me from riding for 3 days and my mood got irritable around the house and job. My wife finally told me (at 10pm) - please go for a ride on your bike tomorrow, so you can get back to normal." She even noticed it! My son loves riding it with me as well. He is still elementary school aged, so to him we are riding on a rocket.

All in all, I think this is the perfect bike for me. Not just for 6 months but possibly for years and years. I just wonder if I can expect to keep learning volumes of stuff for the next 6 months or does this curve ever slow down?

Do you guys who have ridden for decades still feel like you are perfecting some subtle detail each time out?

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Most subject matter experts suggest that riders don't achieve full confidence until 10000 miles.
1000 is a critical juncture where confidence grossly exceeds ability. This is similar to the "one month anniversary" in relationships these days, where the couple are on a euphoric high having passed a milestone, but they haven't really encountered any critical challenges yet. They basically only scratched the surface of things and not delved deep into matters that determine the long-term health of relationships. (I had an ex that celebrated the anni. of our relationship on a monthly basis, which is why I used it as an example. On month two, she picked a fight with me because I didn't greet her with a "happy two-month anniversary!!" I thought, "are you f***** kidding me?" We lasted only six months.)

From my observations, the three things that accelerate learning are starting on a slower bike, riding meaningfully more often, and training. I find that the kids who start in dirt bikes/100's competitively have the best motor skills. As for street skills, that's just something you pick up over time. Having good motor skills helps significantly with execution when the pucker factor is high. For instance, in an e-brake situation, a rider with poor motor skills will most likely stomp the foot brake and slide themselves into the obstacle.
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