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It will be interesting to see how many units Honda will produce next year. Lets face it, they just blew it. Think how many units they could have sold if they were just available. Feel sorry for people who put down a deposit and then found out they cant even get the darn thing. My dealer ordered 12 and are only getting 2 and there not here yet. Vary frustrating. Wake up Honda your missing the boat as they say. Kawasaki will have another great year selling the 250 ninga
They didnt blew it, they had bad experince from the old cbr 250 which they did not sold so many of, so they are cautious. and that was even faster than the new cbr.
But times changes :)

I would have bought the Yamaha Mt-03 if Honda didnt make the new cbr- its the same pricetag, the mt-03 is a single cylinder 660cc.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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