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I agree that the sellers are PO'd about the whole thing. I wouldn't want to be holding 5 or 6 deposits, getting phone calls from those people wondering when their bike is coming in, some of those people starting to get irate, then not even getting enough bikes to satisfy the pre-payers when they're finally delivered. Ouch.

When I put my deposit down, my dealer estimated that my delivery would be at the end of June. The only reasonable explanation for that would be if he was pretty sure that his first batch (already pre-sold) would be 2 or 3 bikes, and he's setting up the other buyers (including me) for what he HOPES will be a date when his second order of bikes will come in.

Since this bike is just for commuting to work, I'm not even close to the point of bailing out on it yet. I make good money and can afford to drive my gas-guzzler, I just don't LIKE having to drive it. I'll probably feel differently if the "end of June" timeframe slips to something like "maybe in August", I just don't think I'd be willing to give Honda (or anyone else for that matter) that much leeway.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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