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On Feb 13 I got rid of it, sorry peeps. Was fun but could not stand it more than 50 miles to ride it. It did handle ok, but maintanance was too much and putting 16k on it in about 1.3 years showed it. Also a fellow ride lost his engine at around 30k with mine also making more and more noise and that acceleration being more elastic. Spent around 2k on maintenance in 15k. As a replacement I got a used 2008 HoNdA Metropolitan with 1656 miles and runs like a champ and is fun at slower speeds. Its like that first BMX with an engine:) I love it. Also considering a highway legal scooter for longer trips. The storage and convenience I get from the scooter made me regret getting the bike in the first place. Should of gotten a scooter with a higher ccs. If I will get a moto later on would be a rebel, or alike bike, not sport or super sport or a cruiser. One ironic outcome of this, but a good one, is that at a local coffee shop I do not get guys starting conversation with me is girls. So I know for sure was the right decision;-)

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I think that my wife would prefer that I keep the motorcycle and talk with "the boys".

Seriously, I'm glad that you did what makes sense for you.

I'm a couple hundred miles shy of 30K on my old thumper now, and it still sounds fine.
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