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No Oil Damage! Engine makes noise.

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So I’m dumb and put the oil filter in backwards and to make things worse and even dumber move I rode it for 50 miles!! Like that.
It turned off on me many times and now I put the oil filter in correctly and put 10w-40 because it’s thicker.

I don’t know what to do now.
I’ll have to get it rebuild and idk if I can do that, since it is my daily driver and I work 25 miles away.

i can replace the whole engine but I’ll need to take it to the shop since I won’t be able to do that, one guy said he’ll charge me 1200 for an engine swap to a 300cc cbr engine. I don’t trust that guy though.
I’ll need to check another spot.

last option is to sell the bike how it is right now and see how much I can get for it.

what would happen if I keep riding it like this? The oil level is good now and the oil filter is in the correct position.

thank you if you read this far, and yes those were foolish moves, i learned and now I want to do what I can to save money.
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Well, even professional mechanics have installed these filters backwards!!!

Much easier to buy used engine from breakers and replace. Most likely cheaper than buying individual parts and having mechanic rebuild existing engine. Which might not even be possible due to damage to cam carriers and caps.
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Yappp...You don't need to start the engine, and it is now possible to start opening it to assess whether it is worth repairing, or not worth repairing...
Note that both repair and replacement both start with the same procedure:
Disassembling the engine from the frame... so this is the next step...
either ways, it is a job that is not suitable for most amateur mechanics because it requires a high level of skills, knowledge, a respectable tool box, and of course a time and place to work in it.
ANYONE can do this by following instructions in manual. That's how amateur mechanics LEARN to become better amateur mechanics. If you never learn anything new, how will you get better? Manual is excellent and can guide brand-new mechanics who've never done any of this work.
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Take cams off and take look 1st. Hard steel cams may be ok. But softer aluminium cam-carriers may be toast.
The cam carriers are also line-bored during production with caps in place

So matched set. If they're damaged, new head is only solution.

For effort and cost of replacing, used engine in good condition is best path.
Only way to fix that is to weld up cam journals to fill up low spots. Then machine back down to factory spec and polish. Places that make custom cams can do that work for you. Count on about $600-800 per cam.

Then you'd still need to repair cam carrier and caps. Same process, but I'm not sure if it can be done on aluminium. Never heard of anyone being able to fix that. And you'd have to align-bore it at end so all holes are straight.

Extremely difficult and even Honda messed up this process in beginning. Search for "VF750 chocolate cams" for all the trouble they went through to try and fix. Couldn't ever do properly and ultimate solution was all new design, the gear-driven cams on VFR750.

Sorry, best option is used engine from breakers. You haven't even taken bottom-end apart yet, I'm sure there's similar horrors awaiting you there as well.

BTW, 300 engine will fit.
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