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Noise from engine head when accelarating past 6k rpm

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So i got a 2013 CBR250r with 52000kms. Recently changed both camshafts and rocker arms, also adjusted the valve clearance. But soon after, this problem arises. Whenever i go past 6k rpm, a metal ticking noise comes which is pretty loud and it goes like Trrrrrrrr. This noise feels like its coming from right under the fuel tank( Where the head is located). It stays there as long as i am above 6k and vanishes as soon as i go below 6k rpm. It happens only when the bike is moving and so i cant really make a video of it. I have searched everywhere on internet but cant find a similar thread. Can anyone help?
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I would also suggest checking the valve clearances and closely looking over the top-end first.

Replacing the cam chain tensioner would be my next move if the clearances are fine.
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Do you have photo of old camshaft?

I wonder if it's possible to grind down cam-lobes to cause grooves without causing damage to cam bearing journals as well as cam-bearing surfaces?

Seems like this would be lubrication problem, not mileage without valve-adjustment issue. Riding for 25k km without checking valve-clearance would not cause grooves in cam-lobes.

Find different mechanic and show them receipt from 1st mechanic and ask them to verify work done. And also troubleshoot noise. They may or may not be related.
A photo would help.

It does sound like there could be significant additional damage, and it is consistent with installing the oil filer incorrectly and blocking oil flow.
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