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Noise from engine head when accelarating past 6k rpm

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So i got a 2013 CBR250r with 52000kms. Recently changed both camshafts and rocker arms, also adjusted the valve clearance. But soon after, this problem arises. Whenever i go past 6k rpm, a metal ticking noise comes which is pretty loud and it goes like Trrrrrrrr. This noise feels like its coming from right under the fuel tank( Where the head is located). It stays there as long as i am above 6k and vanishes as soon as i go below 6k rpm. It happens only when the bike is moving and so i cant really make a video of it. I have searched everywhere on internet but cant find a similar thread. Can anyone help?
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Hey thanks for the reply, because i was an idiot, also a noob, i didnt checked valve clearance for 25k or so kilometers, which were loose. So when i finally decided to get them adjusted, my mechanic said that there were grooves in camlobes, hence the replacement.
So you mean i need another valve adjustment?
Thanks for the reply, as i said it is because of the grooves which were made in the camshaft ( i guess because of riding on loose valves for too long?). And the noise only comes after 6k rpm, so can i ride to mechanic if i keep it under 5k? Because there is no noise at all below 6k.
Do you have photo of old camshaft?

I wonder if it's possible to grind down cam-lobes to cause grooves without causing damage to cam bearing journals as well as cam-bearing surfaces?

Seems like this would be lubrication problem, not mileage without valve-adjustment issue. Riding for 25k km without checking valve-clearance would not cause grooves in cam-lobes.

Find different mechanic and show them receipt from 1st mechanic and ask them to verify work done. And also troubleshoot noise. They may or may not be related.
Is it possible that the old mechanic didnt set the timing correctly? Also what could be the cause of lack of lubrication? Could it be because i use 10w40?
Im sorry for all the stupid questions :p
Engine is not losing oil. I use motul 7100 regularly but used shell advance ultra just this time.
As far as the grooving goes, it was minor on cam and no damage on the head or the other part (forgot its name).

I will try to make a video of this in the evening.

Also i rode it today and a noise starts to come at near 4k as well. Its same as the previous noise but less frequent (Not Trrrrr).
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