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Hey guys. Been riding the 250 for a week now and love it except for one thing: my throttle hand gets numb really quickly. This morning I was only on the bike for 15 minutes before I had to pull over and shake the blood back into my hand. It was so numb I couldn't tell if I was touching ANYTHING!

Now, before someone jumps in and lectures me on riding position and putting too much weight on my hands, please let me say I have tried varying a lot of things. On the list of "adjustments" is where on the seat I put my butt, where my feet are on the pegs, which part of my hand is on the grips, how tight or loose my hand is, how much pressure I have on the hand, how cocked my wrist is, what RPMs the bike is putting out. Seems like no matter what I do, the hand inevitably goes numb which raises a safety concern.

I have tried to boil down the list of possible causes and here is what I've got:

1. gloves are too tight (though they don't feel tight and I don't have the issue with my clutch hand)

2. grips are too thin

3. engine mounts might be over torqued thus transferring vibration

4. clip on angle (not height, but angle in relation to the tank) might be putting my wrist in a bad position, which doesn't affect my clutch hand because it has more freedom of motion/contact.

The grips are cheap and easy enough to replace, and I have new gloves on the way. Engine mounts I'll have checked at the 600 mile service in a week or so. That leaves me with clip on angle. I think the angle is a little too far inward so my wrists are being cocked somewhat with knuckles facing outward instead of neutral since I am a bit on the broad shouldered side.

Does anyone know if/how the clip ons can be adjusted or have any other ideas to alleviate the numbness?

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