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NY girl in Fla needs help! new rider and owner

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I live in west palm beach, florida. originally from new york, 21 and just bought my first bike, the cbr yesterday. anyone near here wanna teach me how to ride a little bit before i take my driving course? i need some good tips as well.
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congrats on the new bike. if you having any problem and no one can help you, perhaps the riding class can be a better solution.

welcome to the forum and ride safe! :)
I agree, take lessons. Will pay off in the end. Might get a break on insurrance a well, which is a plus
by riding course do you mean the MSF rider training course?if so they teach you there,they show you where everything is at (ignition,clutch,brakes,gear shift,all the controls on the handlebars etc)

then they make u get on the bike and move it from side to side,teach you clutch control, step by step,ride in a straight line,then curves,then twisting from cone to cone,etc..

so even if you have never been on a bike in your life,by the end of the day u will be riding and switching gears.

but it would be good if you did learn a bit before you go,you will be less nervous.
I wouldnt mind teachin you lol. Anything for a girl on a bike. HAHA j/k, maybe.

I would recommend the MSF course too. I've seen a lot of new and seasoned riders come out more knowledgable. Great for first time riders!
Hello, there! We have something in common: we aere both from New York, and we both live in South Florida. I totally agree with the other members in this thread. Take the course. It will definately pay off in terms of safety and insurance. The MSF course is excellent! I am also willing to help you out. Let me know.
So you don't have to do a course before sitting your test in the US? In Aus you have to do a training course as part of getting your learners license and then do another one to get your provisional license.

Anyway - do a training course as the others suggested. You will learn a lot more and hopefully not pick up anyone else's bad habits.

Basic rules when you're starting out. Keep your head up and look where you want to go (you may have to be conscious about turning your head for a while). Grip the tank with your knees - rather than trying to hold on by the handle bars. And if you can get a few miles up on a push-bike before you do your course then it will make it all that bit easier.

Happy riding. :)

If you haven't already, think about getting some gear. I know you can ride helmetless in Florida, but i hope you won't - faces and pavement don't mix well.

You can get some really good pricing on gear online - there's also a CycleGear store in W. Palm Beach, so you could see what's available.

The MSF course will teach you a lot, but the basic rule is ride like everyone else on the road is trying to kill you.

Good luck! As a dad of two decidedly non-girly girls (wakeboard, canopy tours, ATVs, etc.), I hope you ride safe and have a ball on your new bike.

nice to hear there is riding course overseas... i'm from indonesia by the way. we indonesian don't take courses to ride, and most of bikers don't have cars too (very ill-mannered) ... 6 million motorcycles (moped, scooters, naked and sport bike) sold every year. just try to ride motorcycles in jakarta streets! :D

I just finished my MSF course last week and there were people in that class that never been on a bike before. They will teach you everthing to get your bike rolling. The instructor I had was really patient, they take their jobs seriously because your life is on the line. Go take the MSF course you wont regret it. If you go online and search it, you can find all the info there. The types of bikes they let you use and the stuff you need to bring to class.
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