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This bike had the first service done at the selling dealer before i bought it with 684 miles on the odometer. I got two quarts of amsoil 10-30 motorcycle oil, and later bought the filter and gasket from my local dealer.

When I got home from lunch today I dropped the drain plug and removed the oil filter. Only took the rear and front bottom bolts off the side cover to get the filter out. I noticed the seal on the filter was kinked when it had not been seated properly on the nipple that slides into the seal.

I think it was because the last person who changed the filer put the cartridge in the outer housing then installed it on the bike. The filter cocked a little and did not slide over the nipple properly. I put the new filter over the nipple and then installed the cover and spring with one bolt holding the gasket until I could get the opposite bolt in place to keep the gasket in the proper position. Everything else went fine.

I would advise anyone doing their own oil change to use the same method to avoid having the filter cartridge not seat properly inside the seal at the base of the filter.



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