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I was going to change my oil at 200 mi. but the dealer recommended that I wait for the 600 mile service. He said that Honda uses a break-in oil (without friction modifiers) and I should wait for the first service.
The service guy said almost the same thing to me except he didn't mention break in oil. He said that the bikes nowadays (not word for word) do not need an oil change right away or too soon. I mentioned about the metal shavings and he said that the engineering nowadays is better than old bikes.

He then mentioned after all that oil change talk, to push the bike, feel the power. He said its ok (this is the same day when I posted about I will runmy bike to 9k every gear). He said that when the bikes come out of production his district manager went out to Asia and saw what they did to these bikes. He said if you saw what they did to these bikes, that I wouldn't want to buy it. They redline it at every gear.

Anyway, when I get to 600 mi I will go for my first service which includes my first oil change, which he recommends. I asked him if he has serviced CBR250Rs before and he said a bunch of em. He said though, If I really really wanted an oil change I can do, of course.

For my first service it will cost me $220 not including parts. I am going to ask if I can watch the lubrication of the chain process and oil change process. I want to be able to know how to do that. I have done oil changes on my car before.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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