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My black, non-ABS version is a "E2 CBR250RB(2AC) NH-A35 BLK" with 000896 at the end of the VIN. One of the first 1K maybe? I got this off the back of my Owner's Manual.

Guess that makes the AC the ABS version. Maybe on of our northern brethren can confirm, eh?

;) "Coo coo coo roo coo coo coo coo"

Was just looking at my owners manual, and i dont see anything like that on the back. Can you be more specific, what page? My cover say "CBR250R/A"

Also, i have a feeling these are the microfiche for the CBR150, as if you look at the front wheel sheet, you can see in the far left a diagram of the disk brake for the 150. Also the copyright of 2004-2011. Anyone have any experience ordering from these guys?

P.S. Looking at the "Front Fender" for the AC vs 2AC model, and the Front Brake, I think now that the AC is the black bike and the 2AC is the red one. The brake microfiche are identical for both bikes, so not sure how someone with ABS will get parts if they need to.

EDIT: had it backwards, 2AC = Black, AC = Red
1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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