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Oil filter # CONFIRMED!!!!

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Got my 600 mile service today and my dealer printed out the part number for me on the receipt. Honda Part # 15410-KYJ-901.
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OK so I went today and purchased the honda oem filter and honda oil for my 600 mile service. I did alot of searching online before I drove 45 mins to the dealer to purchase the filter. I also have a filter that fits a 99 trx300fw that is of napa brand. It crosses over to a fram ch6015. The cbr250r also crosses over to a ch6015, but the honda part #'s are different. After purchasing the filter and bringing it home, I see that the filters look identical!!!! So whats up with that??? :confused:
The Honda "KYJ" oil filter for the CBR250R looks like, and is the same size as the Honda "KF0" oil filter used in my air cooled XR thumper's. The "KF0" filter costs a couple bucks more. That said, are they interchangeable? Maybe. Would I risk engine failure on any of my bikes, to find out? No way, its not worth it. It would not surprise me if there is an internal difference between the two filters, given that there is a price difference between them. When in doubt, stick with what you know.
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